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1.  I have OVER 20 years experience in the wedding industry – 26 years experience in commercial photography.  corona inland empire wedding photographer jim dorseyA lifetime of experience in photography doing it all.

2.  I won’t leave early!  Starting approximately 2 hours prior and staying until the event is covered, without rearranging your party.

3.  I am ALWAYS on time (mostly early) so you aren’t worried.

4.  I know what photos are always important and make sure those photos are taken. I’m very organized and systematic and won’t waste time. I’m never trying to decide “what to do next” and always have 1, 2 or 3 plans for your day. This way you not only have photos, but you also enjoy your wedding day.

5.  No matter what package is selected, I give you all original materials and a photo release, which enables you to make your own copies as you wish.

6.  I include real color corrected, color balanced prints whether you choose a digital package or a film package.

7.  I give you all images. Prints are on archival paper, negatives are in archival sleeves, CDs or DVDs are all high resolution.

8.  I always dress up on wedding day - dress shirt, tie, dress slacks. Some venues have dress codes and I make sure I fit in.

9.  I always carry back-up equipment and enough materials to photograph 3 weddings.

10. I do not charge for extra stops or locations.

11. I normally do not have mileage charges (there may be exceptions).

12. I have a back-up vehicle. I have a back-up photographer. But as of this writing and over 1400 weddings I have photographed, there has been only one event that I could not cover personally.

13. Photos are normally delivered 2 to 3 weeks after your wedding.

14. I remember wedding day is YOUR day. You should have it your way and have what you want!


Jim Dorsey Photography is the best out there!!  He has photographed most of the important moments in our life, from our  engagement, wedding, and the first portraits of our daughter.  His prices are fantastic.  Even though my husband was almost 2 hours late getting to our wedding (funny story….ask Jim about it), he did not rush through our photos like other photogs would.  We were able to take every photo promised and then some!  By only booking one event in a day, he is able to give you the undivided attention that you expect and deserve, which is priceless.


Not only does he capture the “traditional” poses that are cherished by all the generations, he always is able to catch those special one-of-a-kind moments as well.    Our wedding album ranges from the traditional posed portraits to the fun reception pictures that captured the fantastic time that was had by all.  Jim takes his time to get to know you as a couple and takes special effort to intertwine your personalities into the photos.   Sarah Hansma





Julianna and I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did photographing our wedding day. You showed up early, stayed late and captured every moment helping us to have the perfect wedding day!  The pictures came out so beautiful, there wasn’t a bad shot in the bunch and then to top it all off you had the photos completed for just after we returned from our honeymoon.  It felt like we got to celebrate our special day all over again.  We could not have asked for anything more or be any happier.  Thanks for your amazing work!  I will recommend you to anyone  looking to have their special day having eternalized.  Your are the best! Thanks for Everything!   Phil and Julianna Breitenbucher


Jim Dorsey photography has been a true friend to our family. Jim has always been our number 1 photographer, and when my son announced he was getting married, there was no one else we considered, it was Jim Dorsey Photography.  He did not disappoint!  His tireless energy before, during and after the ceremony was everything we hoped it would be.  The wedding photos are stunning and bring us to tears every time we look at them.  He captured the day perfectly with orchestrating each photo to bring out the best in each of us.  Our family recommends Jim Dorsey Photography.  Denea Breitenbucher




Hello Jim,

I wanted to express my thanks for a job very well done.  My daughter's wedding was a day to remember for Sandi and I.  More importantly, you captured this important day and activities with your cameras.  The pictures came out better than I could have ever hoped for.  You have captured so many aspects and composed many of the pictures to make this day live on forever and ever.  Sandi and I relive that day with smiles and emotions that you can not imagine and all from your wonderful creative ability.  Thank you for being there and please forward this testimonial to any of your potential clients.  Mike Meltebeke

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